_20151229_165930My goal in life is to is to assist people on their journey to become the person they want to be.  That may include releasing pain from their bodies using The Emotion Code, balancing their energies through Reiki,  or clearing stagnant energies from homes through spiritual clearing.

I have taught in an alternative school for 10 years.  If I had to choose the greatest thing I’ve learned from teaching, it is that every person in your life is your teacher; the lessons I’ve learned from my students amount to something much greater than every subject I’ve ever taught.   The same goes for my clients; every person that has given me the gift of sharing their journey has taught me something new.

On my journey I’ve learned:

  • That some emotions we can’t just ‘get over’ we need a little help releasing them and it doesn’t have to be emotionally painful to release them.
  • Energy imbalances can cause disconnections that hamper every aspect of our lives.
  • Every spirit is special and comes with lifetimes of history that can continue to effect this lifetime.
  • People that loved us in this lifetime and have since passed have only left us physically; we must look for their signs.   At times they will communicate with me to share that love to my clients.
  • Everything has energy including our working or home environments.  The space around needs to be cleared just as much as our floors need to be swept.
  • Intention is everything.  The energy we send out we will attract.
  • There is no such thing as coincidence.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!


Love & Light,

Laurette Garrand

Reiki II Practitioner

The Emotion Code Practitioner




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