Spiritual Soul Gift Session

In the physical world we take a career placement test, find out what our personality characteristics are and those help guide us to the best career areas then we go to school, get a job and we fit into the profession.

Guess what, unless you are able to listen directly to your guides and are very in tune with yourself your spiritual gifts aren’t so easy to tease out and develop.  Sure, you can take the Facebook quiz tests to see what type of medium or spiritual gift you have, but then what?

A Spiritual Soul Gift is an ability that you have that you have spent lifetimes creating.  Spiritual Soul gifts are abilities that we are really good at, but like any ability we have to identify, learn and practice them.  For example, are you someone that has the ability to just know when something is going to happen or always have the inner knowing and the gut feeling and just know you are right.  A Spiritual Soul Gift is something that only we have and no one else can do it the way we can and it is our own unique finger print to help ourselves, other people(living or spirit), animals, or plants.

Spiritual Soul Gift Session

  • ‘Weird’ things are happening to you and you don’t understand why?
  • Are you questioning what your gifts are?
  • Are finding all of these synchronizations and aren’t able to put together the information?
  • You know you are suppose to be doing something different with your time?
  • You keep getting a feeling your missing something?
  • Are running into the same questions over and over?
    • Am I a medium, a psychic, an empath, a fairy worker, a grid worker?

The Spiritual Soul Gift session will help you:

  • Recognize and validate what your gifts are.
  • Begin to consciously utilize your gifts.
  • Open a new level of self awareness.
  • Activate and align to your gifts.
  • Bring in a greater sense of ease.
  • Focus your energy on your purpose.

The Spiritual Soul Gift Session includes:

  • A 60 minute session to bring in and help you utilize your soul’s gift.
  • An Activated Meditation to help you go and receive your gifts.
  • Channeled guidance on how to use your gift.
  • A 20 minute follow up session to help you with any questions that arise.
  • A report of your session.

The Spiritual Soul Gift Session $222



Reiki is relaxing, gentle hands on, fully clothed, balancing of energy.  The goal of any session is to increase the energy in key points of a clients body in order to re-balance the persons energy.


Reiki is not intended to treat or diagnose any dis-ease.  It is meant only as an additional treatment (such as massage) to any medical treatment plan. Please consult a certified physician for medical treatment.


_20151229_165930My goal in life is to is to assist people on their journey to become the person they want to be.  That may include releasing pain from their bodies using The Emotion Code, balancing their energies through Reiki,  or clearing stagnant energies from homes through spiritual clearing.

I have taught in an alternative school for 10 years.  If I had to choose the greatest thing I’ve learned from teaching, it is that every person in your life is your teacher; the lessons I’ve learned from my students amount to something much greater than every subject I’ve ever taught.   The same goes for my clients; every person that has given me the gift of sharing their journey has taught me something new.

On my journey I’ve learned:

  • That some emotions we can’t just ‘get over’ we need a little help releasing them and it doesn’t have to be emotionally painful to release them.
  • Energy imbalances can cause disconnections that hamper every aspect of our lives.
  • Every spirit is special and comes with lifetimes of history that can continue to effect this lifetime.
  • People that loved us in this lifetime and have since passed have only left us physically; we must look for their signs.   At times they will communicate with me to share that love to my clients.
  • Everything has energy including our working or home environments.  The space around needs to be cleared just as much as our floors need to be swept.
  • Intention is everything.  The energy we send out we will attract.
  • There is no such thing as coincidence.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey!


Love & Light,

Laurette Garrand

Reiki II Practitioner

The Emotion Code Practitioner