The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson is a gentle release of trapped emotions caused by our daily interactions.  These emotions can cause pain in our bodies or disturbances in our lives.  Through the release of trapped emotions, I’ve had the pain in my back release, have seen others pain levels lowered, and heart walls released.

A Heart Wall is a block we place around our hearts to protect ourselves after something traumatic. This protects us from being hurt, but prevents us from feeling love and finding our purpose.  When mine was released, I was able to finally feel the emotions around me and be willing to take steps toward my dream of being an energy worker.





The Emotion Code


The Emotion Code is not intended to treat or diagnose any dis-ease.  It is meant only as a complimentary service (such as massage) to any medical treatment plan. Please consult a certified physician with medical concerns for treatment, for Emergency Treatment call 911 .